You Want to Join?

If you would like to join either chorus, please send an email through the contact form (so we know you’re coming) and show up at our rehearsals to see if we fit.

5 thoughts on “You Want to Join?

  1. Hello
    I would like to have some information about your choir, how do you join, is there an audition? What days do you hold your rehearsals? Where are you located? Etc.

  2. Hello I am interested in your choir. Last year I sang with Shout Sisters and I enjoyed singing with a group but I was looking for more teaching and leadership.

    1. Come to one of our rehearsals in Sept. Monday nights at Emmanuel East (formerly George Street United Church). Rehearsal begins 6:15 for warm-up. Sept. 12 is a pot-luck. Come if you wish otherwise rehearsals start on 19th.

    2. Hi Linda
      Please note that our pot luck on Sept 12 will be at Emmanuel West (formerly St Andrews United Church) at 6:15.
      Beginning on Sept 19, our rehearsals will be held at Emmanuel West (George Street UC) at 6:15.
      Looking forward to meeting and singing with you. Arlene is an amazing teacher who makes singing fun at the same time!

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